June 29, 2010

Blue Skies

Lower humidity = bluer skies.

It is said that the color of the sky is due to the scattering of certain wavelengths of light. If there is heavy moisture, the water droplets will scatter the light in all directions (think of a cloudy day). With higher humidity, the dewpoint is higher and there is more moisture in the air, causing the sky to have a palish blue tint to it. The lower humidity allows the brilliant blue to shine through and that is evident today. :-)

Here is a pic of the sky at the beach a few days ago. It had that palish look to it even though the humidity dropped the night before:

The image of the sky I am seeing today is much brighter. I'm too lazy to capture an image of it and upload it, so in the mean time.... enjoy Google image's beautiful, bright, blue sky.

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