June 23, 2010

Hask Placenta

I literally just smothered sheep placenta onto my hair... Oh, the things we do for healthy hair. Honestly, I just want my hair to go from looking like this (shoulder length) to THIS (bra strap length)! I'm already well on my to getting that desired length... Just see with this pic.

This sheep placenta that I speak of is the product, Hask Placenta. Hask Placenta is a light protein treatment for the hair. It helps to "moisturize and nourish dry, damaged hair". It can be used as a leave in treatment or a deep conditioning treatment (which is what I'm doing right now). This is my first time using this product, and I'm not too sure how my hair will handle protein, so I only bought a small 'tester' packet at the hair store.

So far, my hair feels really soft and manageable. If all goes well, I hope to use this product at least once a month.

**24 Hour Update**
-- I left the Hask on my hair for 1.5 hours, which was obviously way too long because my hair was left extremely rough and brittle (aka Protein overload to the fullest!). I am now deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner to reverse the damage.
-- I guess my overall conclusion is that Hask Placenta: Henna n Placenta is a good product. My hair was noticeably softer within the first few seconds of application. However, the leave in treatment should probably stay in for only 10 minutes as the packet suggested.

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