June 7, 2010


On Friday night, I was cleaning out my drawers trying to gather some things to bring to NBC10's Great Shredder Event at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, when I found the most random things... many of which I completely forgot about. The majority of them dated back to the early high school years, but there were also some things from Middle School. I got rid of most of these things and would like to remember some of them, so I'll share them here and hopefully it will be here for like, ever. ツ

1. A few pics from my teenie-bopper days
2. Old magazines- Seventeen, NYLON, CosmoGirl, ElleGirl, Teen Vogue
3. High School Report Cards
4. All the bills from Drew Univ. (haha)
5. Old Birthday and Christmas cards
6. Acceptance letter from Loyola University (Maryland) and Rutgers
7. "Trigonometric Identities" formula sheet
8. Swim Cap
9. David Bisbal and Nuria Fergo CD's I obviously borrowed... coughstolecough...from my sister when she came back from either Spain or Mexico.
10. A list of names, numbers and email addresses of kids I went to summer camp with in Worcester, MA in like 2001-2002
11. Central High School student newspapers
12. A portrait drawn by me on 11/20/2003
13. Craft scissors
14. Scraps of papers with guys' numbers on them. (One from Central and the other from Roxborough)
15. My 10K gold toe w/diamond accents toe ring. It's in the box and everything (I completely forgot about this thing)
16. Picture of my sister in Middle School
17. A newspaper scrap wit the recipe for General Tso chicken
18. Recipe book from the staff of Levering Middle School
19. University Meal Deal Cards from University of Maryland, College Park's Upward Bound Pre-College Program (2004 and 2005)
20. Cassettes: Time Life Music "The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll" 1959 and 1961
21. Broadway Nail art
22. Handwritten lyrics to Shon Duty's song "Not for Sale"
23. Liquid chalk book
25. Small notebook with plans for senior prom (I didn't follow through with any of these plans)
26. CDI (Child Depression Inventory)

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