June 3, 2010

Ten Semi-Random Facts About Me

1. I love Christ. He is the basis of my faith and the reason why I have life right now.

2. I absolutely love and adore my boyfriend. Not many people know about him right now b/c we're keeping things on the hush-hush, but I CANNOT wait until the day when I can let the world know about the man that I love. He's the Bunsen to my Beaker.... (muppets characters). ♥

3. I love my best friends from home and the one's I've met over the years.

4. I can't get enough of shopping. I love sales, love bargains, love dresses... love clothes, period.

5. One of my greatest fears is death.

6. My "old man crush" in Middle school was Jackie Chan.

7. I love my culture.

8. I hope to cure cancer one day.

9. I have approximately 30+ stuffed animals from my childhood and past boyfriends/crushes in my room and in storage

10. In a year or two, I want the beginnings of a "...Happily ever after" life.

*Bonus*: I have a crazy obsession with guys who have cute eyelashes. I don't even know how to describe the "cuteness" of eyelashes, but I love it nonetheless.

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