June 19, 2010


I've had my driving permit since July 2008. Driving lessons with the same guy who taught my mom, uncle and aunts when they emigrated from Jamaica (1989) in January 2009. Failed that first test because of nervousness (and the big scary tester guy). Tried again during Spring break of 2009 only to hear at the end, of what I thought was a great parking job, "That's all good and sexy, but if you open your door and look towards the back, you'll see that your back wheel is on the line". Had to renew my permit in September.... kinda gave up on driving for the rest of my life until I visited Quinnipiac and realized that 1)graduate housing is a 15 minute drive from campus, 2)I have class from 6:00pm to 9:30/10pm at night, and 3) they don't have public transportation in that area.

So, today I decided to give driving another try. It went well. Next time I blog about driving, I will have my license. It's way over due.

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