June 30, 2010

Forever 21TM... Maternity?

Yea. It's posted on The Skinny. It seems as if every few months, or so, they add a new line. From the original Forever 21TM to:
-- Heritage 1981TM: vintage clothing, accessories, and shoes for men and women.
-- Twelve by TwelveTM: Upscale Los Angeles inspired clothing.
-- Love 21TM: contemporary line for women
-- Faith 21TM: "Extended Sizes" aka Plus sized clothing
-- HTG♥KidsTM:
-- 21MenTM
-- Love & BeautyTM: Cosmetics line ....

... and now, they have a maternity line, for what may have been created for our era of teen moms. I mean, I guess some items are kind of cute:

At this rate, Forever21TM should just open a department store.

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