May 6, 2013

Married Friends

Life of a Newlywed with text

It recently came to my attention that beau has two good friends to discuss all marriage-related things with. I -- have zero. His one friend lives in the city and they meet up for lunch and chit chats during the workweek. His other friend from college also speaks with him on occasion. Both friends have gotten married within the last year, so it is an amazing outlet for him.

It never bothered me before, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have someone to speak with from time to time. More specifically, someone in my age bracket.

There are very few people who I call friend-- who I would feel comfortable enough to share intimate details with. (That's the way it should be, right?) But none of them are married. 

It’s funny how I didn't feel the need for a married friend until recently. I have learned from early on not to share anything with others outside of my marriage. Wanting a married friend is for fellowship and not relationship bashing... Sharing similarities, general conflict resolutions and my feelings of short-comings, and even gaining suggestions on how handle certain issues that arise. That is why my unmarried friends will not suffice.

I pray that I am able to find a friend soon. Where? When? I have no clue.

All you married folk, do you have at least one married friend to fellowship with? If not? Do you desire one? 

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