May 8, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

This and That Curve-001
**just a few photos from life lately**

1. Clear, blue skies hanging around downtown. Just because. 
2. I won Free Shoes Friday via DSW on Twitter again. Time to treat myself to new shoes! 
3. Still building my way up to running long-distance. It hurts like crazy, but I'm learning to push through the pain. 
4. LaNeshe and I at the Philly Natural Hair Show. This is my first time ever meeting a blogger in person, so it was lovely. 
5. Cupcakes are the key to my heart, and Beau knows it. This was a lemon cupcake with lavender frosting and honey drizzle-- delish!
6. We have a GREEN lawn mower!! Green! (my favorite color). We have a neighbor who mows everyones lawn every two weeks for a small fee, but since Beau is a first-time home owner, he wanted to mow his own lawn. 
 7. Us. Smiles. Hugs. Love. 
8. I love BIG earrings. I got these afro earrings from Toni Daley and I love them. They made such a huge statement at the Natural Hair Show. People staring at me makes me all types of uncomfortable, but after a while, I realized they were looking at my earrings, and not me. haha.
 9. I had an interview recently at a place that has really high hiring standards and are basically really hard to get into. I am exercising the utmost faith right now and praying that I get the position.

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