May 24, 2013

6 Months Married!


No one really counts the months, but I do. 
I would count the days, hours and minutes too if my mind could commit to it. 
6 months ago, I said "I do", and I'm so glad that I did.
Life with Beau is so sweet. He's so loving, kind and hard-working. 

Beau doesn't consider months to have significance in comparison to years, but I count them all. Every day is a gift. A new learning experience. A new life experience. I cherish it. 

I planned a tiny surprise for him today. I couldn't decide between cupcakes or a donut (tower) cake. I opted for the latter (since I know he has plans to bake carrot cupcakes this weekend) and added sparkler candles. I also got a little card...
It's the small things.

Happy holiday weekend, everyone! 
Enjoy your barbecues and time off!

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