May 21, 2013

The Weekend + Random Thoughts


This weekend was extremely soggy and dreary, so we opted to not do much. We went to see The Great Gatsby, browsed around a shopping center and had take-out for dinner on Saturday. Sunday was the usual church with an evening service to honor our pastor. I was given the opportunity to pay tribute to our pastor this year and it was so fitting, as he played such a major role in our marriage in the Fall in such an invaluable way. Beau and I are so grateful for him. I love my pastor dearly -- 84 years old and chock full of wisdom! 

Now, some random thoughts:

- a house dress is possibly the most unflattering wardrobe piece you could own, but it is oh so comfortable.
- I absolutely dislike when people grab my hand to not-so-subtly look at my rings and then have a look of disdain on their faces after spotting the non-traditional ruby ring. A person could have the biggest diamond ring ever and be very unhappy in their marriage. It's not about the ring, but the life you life. I'm going to start snatching my hand back after this.
- When a sweaty individual occupies a  machine right under the gym fan allowing it to blow all the funk over to you AND when someone occupies a treadmill right next to your end machine when the entire row of machines is empty are two of my pet peeves at the gym.
- I have fallen in love with the PBS Masterpiece series, Mr. Selfridge. I vaguely remember Masterpiece Theater from my childhood, but I know the shows were very well respected. I really enjoy the current shows and look forward to getting entranced in more. I only wish the seasons were longer. 

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