September 11, 2013

The Weekend: Football Game

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 I was two steps away from naming this post "I hate football, but I love my husband". But that would be a lie, because now that I understand football a bit more, I actually like it. Not enough to sit and watch every single game in the season, but enough to get excited during the superbowl and surely enough to cheer on a team from Beau's alma mater.

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Saturday morning, Beau and I and a couple kiddos from our church headed out to the football stadium to watch the first home game for the Temple Owls. We had box seats- which belongs to Beau's firm- and so it was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I clearly missed the memo that we should wear colors that coordinate with the team's color, so I wore the most brilliantly yellow shirt and awkwardly stood among a sea of cherry and white at the entrance. Yup.... awkward.

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Our team lost the game. They had to potential to win, but it just didn't happen. Maybe next time, Temple Owls. Maybe next time... Although, Beau did tell me that they have never actually won any of the games he's attended as an alumni.But I'm sure they've won at some point.
--hashtag optimism


  1. I only went to one Temple game the whole time I was in college! And I've tailgated outside of one since I graduated.

    1. You're a Temple alum? Cool! I went to a small, private university so we didn't have a football team. We only had soccer (our team was really good) basketball, lacrosse, rugby and ultimate frisbee. haha.

  2. Their track records sounds a lot like my Alma Mater! LOL! I'm not really into football either but I love the tailgating.

  3. Cool! There was a time when I couldn't stand "fooseball" myself, but now I watch it every weekend. Lol


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