September 23, 2013

Mary and Max

Strange things happen when you leave your husband home alone for a couple of hours on a Sunday night. Last night, I returned home to find Beau watching a movie on Amazon Instant Video. It was a black and white claymation film. "Mary and Max" was the title-- a film that, according to Beau, was "funny so far, but also a little sad". He explained the general idea of the film a little further and I became intrigued, so I joined him and immediately found myself giggling during certain scenes. Then towards the end of the movie, I thought "what kind of craziness is my husband really watching??", all while still being sucked into it. It ended and I wanted to cry a bit, but I refused to since I started watching in the middle and it made absolutely no sense to be so attached to characters I met half-way through a movie. I still thought the movie was a bit strange, and Beau even more strange for finding such a random movie to watch on a Sunday night.  I would totally recommend it, though.

Here's a graphic that summarizes the film (click to enlarge):

** image #1 found here
** image #2 found here


  1. It sounds pretty good. I have an account with them but I've never run across this movie. i definitely want to give it a play.

  2. When we're looking for a good movie to watch, this one is usually on the list (top movies of 2012 or 2011??). But, we've yet to watch it. From reading the summary, it did seem odd and a bit gloomy. Like you have to be in the mood to watch it.


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