September 6, 2013

Now You Know // More Random Facts About Me

  • I have to drink tea with a spoon about 2/3 of the way before I can turn the cup to my head.
  • My favorite word is okay. I would like to think of myself as an optimistic person, but if someone asks me:how are you? or, how was your day? or, how is the meal? my response will most likely be: I'm/it's okay. 
  • I've studied Spanish for 8 years: 4 years in high school and it was my minor in undergrad. I understand it better than I speak it. I've just never had an opportunity to practice it... except senior year of high school when I tutored a kid from Mexico in Geometry. THAT was an experience! I didn't take advantage of any of the study abroad programs while in college. I would  really love to visit somewhere in South America or Central America with beau, though... Adding that to my bucket list.  
  • When I love a song, I love it to death and play it over and over until I learn the lyrics so I can sing along to it whenever it's on. 
  • I have a Windows Phone. So what that means is... I have a phone that severely lacks "good" apps. Lucky for me though, I'm not really into apps [I'm more into the uniqueness of the phone, the speed, and ease of use]. The facebook and twitter apps are great though. But until recently, I was either using Beau's phone or a program on my computer (Bluestacks) to upload photos to instagram. We finally have a good instagram app for Windows Phone, not an official app, but good (maybe even better than the one for Android/iPhone). 
  • I am pretty methodological about washing dishes. We hand wash everything. So first I do the glasses/cups, then the plates, and lastly the silverware. 
  • From 6th grade to 12 grade, I did not miss one day of school. 
  • I have yet to change my maiden name. 
  • My all time favorite flower is the hibiscus flower. Whenever I see a photo of it, I can almost smell it and I'm instantly brought back to my childhood in Jamaica.
  • I secretly wish I made Youtube videos. I mean really-- what started as a hobby for many (i.e. uploading videos of make-up tutorials, styling tips, recipe videos) has landed them a brand for themselves. The channels with a large following make money- like a legit salary- from the views AND they get amazing opportunities to work with major brands internationally.  Some even get paid to record their daily lives, no matter how mundane and repetitive, and upload the videos to youtube. Crazy, right?!
  • I really, really want a pet rat, but Beau would absolutely. die. Like, absolutely. My friends had a pet rat called Babu Baloo in undergrad and although it freaked me out initially (rat tails are kind of gross), I eventually fell in love. She was easily trained and very smart. Said friends later thought it was a good idea to get a boy rat, called Raúl, so they could mate and have babies and everyone in our group of friends would be able to have our own baby rat. That was a major fail! Oh college, you were full of many bad ideas. 

Babu pet rat
// this was Babu. She didn't have any babies. She was too terrified of Raul when we introduced him to her, so we let them be. 


  1. I also would love to make YouTube videos! However, I have no interest in a pet rat lol

    1. I think YouTube is one of those things you get into secretly and not share it with anyone until you're "discovered" then the secret's obviously out. :-)

  2. I really liked this post. It was cute and made me smile. I'm very introverted, but I have tried making YouTube videos. I was so awkward. lol I not so secretly want a Boa Constrictor, but I have a toddler. :(

    1. Thank you. There's nothing wrong with awkward. I'm awkward too!

  3. Does this mean you're going to start making YT videos?
    Your dish washing method is very similar to mine. Cute photos! Of you. Sorry Babu! Lol

    1. I want to, but I have no clue what to film. So much has already been done. If I do post videos, it will most likely be vlogs.

  4. I wish I would have taken advantage of study abroad opportunities. But, hopefully, I'll get around to it within the next year. And as for a pet rat.. the closest I've gotten was a hamster. LOL!

    1. oh, a hamster... I think Beau could handle a hamster or a gerbil. He just freaks out with rodents in general.

    2. oh, a hamster... I think Beau could handle a hamster or a gerbil. He just freaks out with pest-like rodents in general.


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