September 2, 2013

Summer's End


The sun sets around 7:30 pm now... and will continually set one (or two) minutes earlier each day until early winter.

It was a good summer. No major trips. No major life events. Just summer--  hot days. warm nights. crazy pore cleansing humidity. the brightest sunshine-y days.  beautiful sunsets. drenching thunderstorms followed by beautiful rainbows. and happy days.  It was a good summer. And on this day, Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer--- summer comes to an end. I will remember Summer 2013 as a good one. My first summer married. Our first summer in our new home. our first summer weathering the weather of life together (sounds kind of cheesy, but true).  Just an all-around lovely season.

I now look forward to one of my more favorite seasons-- Autumn.. I am so excited about drinking tea again (I just. can't. during the summer months). Visiting a local farm for apple picking, hayrides and a pumpkin center piece. and crunchy leaves. I looove a good crunchy leaf.

 Random side note: Remember when Facebook groups (today's equivalent is the facebook fan page) were a 'thing' around 2006/2007? Well, I had an insane love for stepping on crunchy leaves then. So I joined the facebook group "I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way to Step On a Crunchy Looking Leaf". Yea, I am kind of strange. I love Fall! 

Goodbye, Summer 2013. You were sweet!


  1. Yes to crunchy leaves!

    I seriously cannot wait for Autumn either as it is also my favorite time of year. The air is much more crisper and so much more refreshing to me. And not to mention, I LOVE Fall clothing. Blazers and peacoats.. and layers!

  2. I'm trying not to rush summer away, but I can't say I don't LOVE fall. Nice new layout!

  3. you're not strange...i'm a lover of autumn as well! and just think, we will be coming up on our anniversaries soon! crazy not only how the summer flew by, but being married as well. hope you and your hubby are crazy happy and enjoying each day. i've not been reading blogs as much (as work and other things have been consuming)and it looks like you changed things up a bit just in time for the new season... x

    1. I can't believe it, Chandra!!! We ARE really close to one year of marriage! I just keep thinking, "WHOA" and "That wasn't half bad". lol. Do you feel the same?


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