September 21, 2013

The Week Word // 001

Human Circuit Tree
- noun: a complete route or course, especially one that is circular.

This week felt very much like a circuit-- as it should, I suppose. But, aside from the normal course of Sunday through Saturday routines, it also felt like I went through a complete course of emotions: joyful on the weekends when I get to spend more time with Beau and be around more people when we fellowship at church, and a little more down during the week as I spend more time with myself and my thoughts.

I am thankful for circuits this week, however, because they support life. Much like the circulatory system that pumps blood from the heart, to our arteries and veins, and throughout our entire bodies and back to the heart again for refreshment, so are our lives. Circuits propel us, direct us, and provide a source of power. And no matter how monotonous it may seem -- since we really are living in a "circle of life"-- or how often we get stuck with your own thoughts, there is an assurance in knowing that there is always something to look forward to again at some point during the course.

This is the highlight of my week.

// The Week Word (WW), is about choosing, only one word -if you had to- to describe a highlight of your week.
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  1. I find it strange that I can look forward to the weekend all week and when it gets here, I do absolutely nothing. I wake up Saturday morning completely drained and only wanting to watch Netflix. I must do better.


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