July 12, 2013

Added Grace

Often times it appears as if this Christian walk is easy and that we are all perfect. We're not. We mess up. We fail. We are completely imperfect. But we find new mercies (Lamentations 3:22-23) and grace from God through Jesus Christ daily. 

The Lord loves us in spite of. He doesn't harbour our past sins and hold them against us. Our trespasses... our transgressions... they are forgiven. Forgotten, even. Let us strive to be forgiving in that same manner. Let us pray and ask for more grace. 

Beau has informed me that I am lacking in the grace area. I was a little sour at the time, but I know it is true. There are certain qualities and actions I don't like in other people, but it actually turns out that sometimes, I commit some of the same faults. I too have some of those less-than favourable qualities. It's funny how we never notice our own shortcomings until someone points them out to us -- and even then, we are in denial. We have to remove the speck of dust from our eye before we can point out the plank in your brother's eye (Matthew 7:3-5). Furthermore, we need to show a little more grace and forgive just as we would like to be forgiven (not bringing up things from the past to fuel current arguments; considering if we have also transgressed a person in the same manner that we are badgering them for, etc.)

I pray that I may show more grace to others, especially to those I love. I am still learning. This life is definitely a process. We are all a process. 

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