July 24, 2013

Birthdays, Burgers and Things


We celebrated my Beau's 30th birthday on the 18th. Everything was kept pretty simple. I blew up 3 dozen balloons, strung them through the dining room and attached notes from 30 of beau's family, friends, and Sunday School students (he teaches the middle school class at our church).

I thought inflating balloons would be easy-peasy, especially with a balloon pump. But it proved to be quite difficult. Nevertheless, I wanted to do everything on my own so that's what I got for not recruiting help in that department.

SAM_0659 SAM_0680

Beau came home and was thoroughly surprised. It didn't take much time for him to find the notes placed between every other balloon. I saw a bit of tears well up in his eyes after reading some of the posts, and the ones from his closest of friends even brought forth laughter. There was no need to worry, after all. He loved the surprise!

We finished off the night ordering take-out from Bobby's Burger Palace. (I am not a huge burger person, but my plain "classic" burger was really good and very well seasoned... you know, in case you were wondering how it was).
SAM_0705, Bobby's Burger Palace, Philly, Philadelphia, UPenn Campus SAM_0706, Bobby's Burger Palace, Philly, Philadelphia, UPenn Campus

On Saturday, we went had dinner by Penn's Landing with friends and tried our hardest to survive the last day of the heatwave.
SAM_0735, Philadelphia, Philly, Penn's Landing, Hibachi Japanese Steak House, view from, Ben Franklin Bridge, Camden

Good times. 

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