January 2, 2012

Southern Beauty

I spent a wonderful 2 weeks with my beau and his parents in South Georgia. They live in an area sprinkled with lakes, and since meeting them 2.5 years ago, I've been in love. The lake in their backyard is so peaceful and quiet. I could sit out there for hours on end, just taking in the soft breeze and the excitement of a glimpse of a Loch Ness Monster fish.

One afternoon last week, I snapped away at the scenery. Beau is convinced that I take way too many pics of trees. I admit that I do, but no scenery is the same. The landscape in Connecticut is way different than that of what I have seen in New Jersey during undergrad, and even that of Pennsylvania. That's what makes nature so beautiful to me. The change of season produces variance in foliage. The speed at which the wind blows also changes the look of a tree you've been so accustomed to seeing for years on end.

I love it.

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