January 11, 2012

The CT Bucket List

The graduation equation: 1 comp exam + 2 classes - 5 months = GRADUATION

That's right! In 5 months, I will be a Master of Health Sciences. "Exciting" is not sufficient enough to describe this impending milestone.

Since my time in Connecticut will be over in no time, I have developed a list of all the things I would like to do before graduation and moving back to Philly. 

The list:
  1. Take a ferry across the Long Island Sound
  2. Visit a lighthouse
  3. Visit a beach
  4. Eat at a few (at least 3) restaurants in New Haven/Hartford
  5. Visit Mystic, CT... go to the aquarium or go on a boat ride
  6. Visit Lyman Orchards
  7. Meet up with at least one of my three aunts who live in Connecticut/Massachusetts
  8. Attend a QU athletic game
  9. Participate in an event hosted by these people
Although this list is not extensive, it does run the gamut of all the things I imagined myself doing as I learned what the state has to offer. CT is such a beautiful state, full of grandeur, bursting with hills, gorgeous landscape, and over all a lot of places to see. I truly hope to complete this list and record it in life's book of memories.

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