January 9, 2012


There's something about self-portraits...
When drawn in complete honesty, it captures the very emotion that person is trying to convey. Worry, fear, sadness.... contentment.  Words are not necessary to describe the emotion being evoked.

While cleaning out my room at home, I found a self-portrait I drew circa 2003. I was about 15 years old. I learned the technique of drawing some facial features in a basic high school art class and ran with it drawing various faces of people using my imagination. I made it a hobby; done only when bored (which was quite often). But, I guess one day, I just decided to draw myself. This is what I came up with:

Look at those eyes! They say a lot. Much like the progression of facial expressions in latina artist, Frida Kahlo's, self-portraits. As the years went by, there is an obvious shift in her expression as her battle with polio became more and more debilitating.

I wonder what my self-portrait would look like today. Will I still have that same hint of sadness in my eyes?

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