January 22, 2012

Opionated Much?

It's amazing how opinionated we are as a nation... Everyone has a say about this or that person's life. How long they've been married. Why they got married in the first place. How deserving a person is of illness and death.

The media has made people's personal information easily accessible to just about everyone. I guess we believe this is our entitlement to judge, complain, bash, and ridicule others. Society forgets that we are only getting pieces of information. They fail to realize that there are still holes and empty spaces in that 200 piece puzzle, which yields an obscure image. Like the kid who often draws their own piece to fit the puzzle, we try to make assumptions and draw conclusions as to what happened in situations of which we have no knowledge. 
Who do we think we are? Who gave us this right to judge others?

I don't like who we have become as a people... As a nation:
Name slashers. 

And the means of doing so has made it that much easier. Everyone seems to have the strength to relay their opinions through social media. But, who are we to judge?

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