March 28, 2011

Phone Photos

For such a small and relatively inexpensive and 'uncool' device, my cell phone has a lot of storage space. I have 540+ photos. No. I will not post them all here... but here are a few recent-ish moments I have captured.

A tree by the Schuylkill River

I wanted to name him Earl if I ever did take him home. He's probably made a snake full and happy for a few days by now.

Rainy day.

Ice Cave. I stayed at the library on campus from about 11 am one day to 1 am the following morning and was greeted by an ice covered mess. I sat there waiting for it to defrost (b/c I didn't have one of those ice scraper tools, and luckily the guy parked next to me left the library around that time and volunteered to scrape the ice off.


The QU cleanup crew after that huge snow storm in CT... (on top of the 30-something inches they already had)

I pass by this pond everyday I ride the shuttle and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is.

View of Hamden and downtown New Haven from the York Hill Student Center. Well, once you are able to see past the two dorm buildings.

Dear beau, I still think he had training wheels on his motorcycle. ツ

GPOY (I know this isn't tumblr)

Valley Forge

My mom's Hippeastrum bloomed on the last night of Spring break.

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