March 16, 2011

10 Things I'd Love To Tell My Younger Self

1. Speak up!
  • Your 2nd grade teacher would not have forced you to be the one to say “heads down, thumbs up” while playing Seven-up on Game Day Fridays; That drastic haircut at the salon could have been prevented in 10th grade; You would not have had so much bottled-up anger to be released in family therapy; You would not have been the only person to use the microphone for your presentation in bio freshman year; you would be more assertive in your speech today. You would never second guess your responses. You would not be so reserved. Your grammar would have been at least 5 times better. You would be more willing to share your opinions. Most importantly, you would be more confident and willing to make your own decisions instead of having people make those decisions for you.
2. Learn to manage finances.
  • From that one time you lost all your money at Primary school in Jamaica, you should have learned your lesson in guarding your finances. Who knows? Maybe you would be a little wiser in spending and saving today.
3. Smile more.
  • In a way, it fools everyone into thinking that you are okay. It also makes you seem less mean-spirited.
4. All of your so-called 'flaws'?
  • There is someone out there who will love and accept all of them.
5. Material things mean nothing.
  • Having more clothes and shoes than the next kid does not necessarily mean that your life is better. They don’t replace the void your parents did not fill.
6. It’s okay to play.
  • Playing is not only fun for a child, but it leaves them with lifelong communication and abstract thinking skills.
7. Study more.
  • You won’t always be the ‘most intelligent’ student at school.
8. Use your free time wisely.
  • Procrastination and tardiness is so unbecoming.
9. It’s okay to cry.
  • ... Bawl your eyes out even! Life is full of ups and downs. (Your life just seemed to have had more downs than up, but it’s okay to let it out.). You will feel a little better when the tears have dried.
10. Forgiveness will be your most valuable gift!
  • Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also bring restoration among your family and friends.
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