March 3, 2014

Date Night: Crabby Cafe

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Earlier in February, Beau and I tried a crawfish boil restaurant. And by "we", I kinda mean he.... because I ordered wings. Typical of me, if you know me pretty well. I am often very hesitant to try new things. Although I am more than willing to have a taste if I'm curious enough (or you pressure me enough).

We found the restaurant through Groupon, as we normally do. Since we started dating, we've tried many restaurants in and around Philadelphia through flash sale sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. Many of them have led us to favorites like this one, and many were an okay experience where our meal was good, but we do not see ourselves returning because of subpar service or flavors.

So, we headed out to the Crabby Cafe for dinner on a Thursday evening after work. It is located in Northeast Philly. The advertisement that it was a cajun cafe is what attracted us most, but once we did further research, we knew it would be some kind of hole-in-the-wall place. Regardless of it's location and size, it was a pretty great spot. The decor was cute. The place settings were practical-- craft paper line the tables and rolls of paper towels act as centerpieces. Our food was served sans utensils (something I am not completely comfortable with, but since I ordered finger food, I suppose it was okay). And finally, the flavors did not disappoint. My spice of my wings punched me in the face several times and I could tell by Beau's face that he really enjoyed the crawfish. I too can vouch for the crawfish. I tried one, and it was pretty good.

We would consider going back. They recommended trying the shrimp next time, so we're curious.

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  1. Subpar service sucks, but I can tolerate it if the food is delicious. Lol The food looks good! I want to try crawfish, but I'm apprehensive. I'm allergic to fish, but I can eat shrimp. Does it taste more like fish, or shrimp? Lol


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