March 1, 2014

Spontaneous Generation

poinsettia-001 As you all know, I've had a deep love for science growing up. One of my most memorable science lessons (aside from the 8th grade final project I did on neurological disorders where I handcrafted a brain-cerebellum, brainstem and all- with wads of green play-dough) was that of spontaneous generation. Spontaneous Generation is the idea that living organisms develop from non-living matter. Take old rice for example- and this is something I believed in for many years. Say you dispose of old, cooked rice in the trash bin one day in the summer and a few days later, you see little maggots (gross, I know) in that same bin where the rice was placed. Because the maggots are the same color and relatively the same size as the rice grains, it might seem as though those little buggers morphed from the grains of rice. But in reality, several factors attributed to their appearance:
1. the heat of the summer months
2. flies being in high abundance during this time, and
3. flies laying their eggs close to a food source (the disposed of rice) to feed their young when they hatch.
Now, let me tell you that for the longest time, I believed spontaneous generation was a thing. I believed maggots were frankenstein rice grains. Oh! And those little insects that look like twigs and leaves? I thought they were as a result of this phenomenon as well. 

Fast forward to now, when I can finally accept that spontaneous generation is indeed a theory. But I can't help but wonder where all the dust in our house comes from. I dust, sweep, swiffer, mop and in a matter of days, the place is dusty again. (And it's been a crazy cold winter, so it has nothing to do with having the windows open) Three months into living here, I seriously regretted wanting wooden floors through-out. What in the world was I thinking?! When I allow myself to think about it long enough (as I have now since I am writing this post), my mind always drifts back to the possibility of spontaneous generation. That just has to be it. Granted, dust is not a living organism. But the way that thing shows up in our house, that thing seems very much alive.

So, this post was more than random. Beau often wonders what goes on in my mind because my analytic process is apparently "off the rockers". But honestly, this is how I am. This is how my brain/thought-process works.... And now you know.  

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  1. Interesting! This made me think of a film strip I saw in Kindergarten. I don't know the name of it, but there was an old rag sitting in a dark, damp corner for some time. It turned into a mouse. For the longest time, I thought old, dirty, damp towels, sitting in floor corners could turn into mice. Now I know what that's called. Cool!!!


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