October 30, 2013

Our Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath_ Painted Wooden Letter

Being a part of the blogging community has often sparked the creativity in me. That spark finally blazed into a roaring fire as I completed my first DIY/home decor project: a Fall Wreath. 

This wreath was inspired by a post I saw on BlogHer early September. I thought the first wreath pictured was the most beautiful ever and just had to recreate it. I slowly gathered supplies and finally sat down to paint and design the wreath last week. Beau was absolutely against polka dots, so I tried stenciling a leaf pattern on the wooden letter, but that was unsuccessful on many levels, so I opted for clean, neutral rugby stripes. I quite like the outcome, and Beau does too. Our wreath is now displaying on our front door. I am so proud. I now see why artsy people are into this kind of thing. Painting was surprisingly very relaxing. 

Fall Wreath_Painted Wooden Letter_Door


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