October 1, 2013

The Weekend: Museum Day Live

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This past Saturday (September 28) was National Museum Day. Hundreds of museums across the country offered free admission that day! My first choice would have been the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but they did not participate in this event, so we opted for a museum outside of the city: The Brandywine River Museum.

The Brandywine River Museum is about a 40 minute drive from where we live (really, really close to our wedding  reception location). The exterior is similar to that of an old barnyard. The interior has a rustic look with thick wooden beams, heavy wooden doors, and floor to ceiling windows. 

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The museum featured paintings from the Wyeth family and painters from the 19th century to present day  - many of which were landscape and still life. Beau and I really enjoyed our time here. I especially loved reading the story behind some of the paintings and seeing various depictions of Philadelphia and surrounding towns... We recognized Manayunk in one of the paintings almost immediately. 

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The exterior of the museum was also beautiful. The building overlooks the Brandywine river where we saw many painters drawing inspiration from the scenery. There was also a river trail behind the parking lot the lot that yielded a peaceful view of the river. This was a nice outing for the both of us. I really enjoy getting out on the weekends -- not only to get out of the house, but to spend good, quality time with Beau. 

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Did any of you participate in Museum Day? 


  1. Unfortunately I forgot all about National Museum Day and really bummed about it. This museum looks gorgeous, especially the outside. It seems so perfect to just sit and have a few minutes of peace and quiet.

  2. This looks lovely, I wish we had free admission days. Thankfully there are lots of good free ones in London!
    That little river is lush!

    Esther x

  3. Nice! I had no idea there was a National Museum day. I love going to the museum. Will be on the lookout next year. Thanks!


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