October 10, 2013

Company Picnics and Overcoming Social-Awkwardness

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I feel like I have been seeing a lot of Beau's co-workers lately. Not that I'm visiting him at work everyday (or, ever), but his firm has been hosting some events lately, and we've been attending them.

Note, this is actually an exaggeration because there really has only been about 3 events, but I think that's enough to make it seem like a lot.

In any case, we drove up to Point Pleasant Beach for his company's picnic last weekend. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but I knew some awkwardness would arise. I have a self-diagnosis of social anxiety, so it made complete sense why I would expect awkwardness at this event.  I hate being at the center of attention. I don't feel confident when meeting new people, and I am just all-around terrified of anything going wrong.

The company picnic wasn't half bad though. I learned that contrary to my belief, people don't bite.


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  1. You sound JUST like my husband lol. He thinks he's more socially awkward than he actually is.


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