October 23, 2013

One Year in Our Home

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One year ago today (literally like one month and one day before our wedding day), we purchased our first home. It's a quaint little row home on a somewhat busy street in a borough right outside of Philadelphia. I don't think we knew it at the time  (not sure how), but it does get extremely busy and noisy during the morning and evening rush hours. Our street connects two major roads, has a middle school at the end of the block and two large high schools in close proximity, so I guess it makes sense. It was difficult trying to sleep with the windows open once the warmer months rolled around, but I got used to it.

Our neighborhood is diverse. I love it so so much. Since I'm a homebody, I haven't really gone out to speak with our neighbors, but I see them walking by. I remember the first weekend in our house, I saw all kinds of people walking by, and I thought "oh my goodness! we have Asians in our neighborhood!". haha. It seems silly, but I grew up in Philly and the inhabitants of our block were predominantly Black. We did have a mixed race couple living on our street, but then they moved a couple years later. In any case, I am really glad to have the diversity here. Our immediate neighbors are- I think- Liberian, Eritrean, and Indian, and we see many other people of various racial backgrounds taking a stroll down the block on a nice, sunny day. I really think that is the highlight of living here. I no longer feel like I am stuck in a box where demographics are concerned, and I can honestly say that I feel pretty safe living here as well. (Although, the neighborhood my mom lives in Philly is also relatively safe).

Now for the house itself, it has it's ups and downs. Firstly, who knew that hardwood floors throughout would be so challenging to maintain?! This was one of the top things on my wishlist when searching for a home, and when we got it, I really wanted to renege. The house is a dust magnet! It's okay though. I prefer dust congregating on the floors than in the carpet. My allergies and sinuses also prefer it.

Our home was in move-in condition when we purchased it. But of course, that came with hidden faults (eg. wall accents in the bathroom falling down, taking patches of paint with it. The previous owners used Command Strips to hold them up. What in the what??;  Crazy draft during the winter months; a broken thermostat in the fridge leading to a super cold freezer and a lukewarm fridge... goodbye orange juice, eggs, and milk). Overall, it really is a good house. Mishaps and breakages are to be expected when owning a home.

In regards to decor, we have yet to get the ball rolling on that. Right now, we have the basic necessities: bedroom furniture, dining set, bookshelves, and a desk. We also have a set of recliners in the living room that Beau's parents gave us. To be honest, I dislike the things, but they work for now.  It is really hard, financially, for us to get other things to furnish and decorate our home to my our liking, but I know that the opportunity will come-- slowly, but surely. We've been told many tales of our family and friends getting their first place and having to furnish it piece by piece and finally getting a desired result years down the road. They always say that it is discouraging at first, but it is also very rewarding to look back on where they started to see how far they've come. Their stories are such an encouragement because being a part of the blog community, I see so many young couples who get married, purchase their first home and are then able to (what seems like) fully furnish it within weeks. I am fully assured that we will be able to do the same in no time, so no worries here.

So, that is an update of where we are one year after purchasing our first home. I've recently had a sense that we won't actually be residing in this house for long. Strange, I know. I'm not sure why I feel that way, but it was a feeling I got a couple weeks ago while thinking about our home and what it would be like once fully furnished. I don't know if or where we will be headed to, but I am sure the Lord will provide- just as He has this past year.


  1. My hardwood floors hate me. No amount of swiffering, shark mopping, or sweeping will ever keep them clean for more than 5 minutes!

    My fave line: "I don't know if or where we will be headed to, but I am sure the Lord will provide- just as He has this past year." AMEN!

    Congrats o

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. We've had our house for 2 years and there is still so much I want to do! I want to work on the yard, and re-paint like all the rooms lol


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