August 10, 2013

Counted Blessings


You know the small things that occur in life that beckons you to count your blessings? Yea, I have had many of those recently.

When beau and I agreed to get married last November, we did it in spite of my joblessness. We knew that it would come with him being the sole provider for our household for an indefinite time period. He gladly took on the responsibilities and have done extremely well manning all of the expenses and have not complained yet. More recently, however, our expenses have gotten a bit more burdensome on him. Again, he still doesn't complain, but fervently exclaims that it is the goodness of God that has kept us throughout the months.

So, with that we are truly grateful knowing that the Lord is our Jehovah Jireh. We are not without food. All of our expenses are getting paid. We are still able to support funds for transportation. And, we are not in need of anything. We even have opportunities for sporadic date nights (gotta love Groupon, Living Social, and Eversave Philadelphia).

... And because of that, we count our blessings.

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