August 3, 2013

The Perfect Blog // The Perfect Life


I think E, of E Tells Tales, said it best when she tweeted: "The perfect blog: heavy on the writing, light on the blogging".

I have been pretty quiet on the blog lately (as it has been quite often before) and I honestly can't even put into words why. When I think about it hard enough though, Life comes to mind... Life.

Life has been so incredibly frustrating lately. It's one of those things that we spend forever trying to figure out, and just when we think we've got it down to a science, here comes that curve-ball, and what you thought you knew is all a mystery again.

I kind of miss those easy days. The days when all I had to worry about were getting good grades and making sure I did my chores, although those days weren't so glorious either, they sure do appear that way now. I often wonder if I would look back on my life and be grateful for what I have gone through and the person it will shape me into.Believing in James 1:2-4, I think it will.

There is no true purpose to this blog post. Only a means of writing around some issues that I can't quite mold into words and making myself feel as though I am talking to a good friend who just seems to understand everything that I'm going through.

We can never truly figure out life, especially when we've placed it in the Lord's hands. Even if we tried to do everything on our own, we still wouldn't have it all figured out. I have placed all of my cares and my worries in the hands of God. I have waited a long time to do so, but I guess I finally realized that it's all I can do. Who else is there to call on for help? Who else is there to comfort me and to help provide for our household but Him? I have placed everything into His hands, and now I'm waiting. I'm waiting for deliverance, provision, and a new testimony.

It's funny how we often shy away from discussing the really hard things on our blogs. We strive for the perfect blog... to portray the perfect life. Meanwhile, our lives are doused in imperfections.

Since I find these types of posts more relatable, I will be be heavy on the writing and light on the blogging during this season in my life. It's what I need right now.... and I'm sure some stumble-upon-er out there needs it too.

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  1. Jhan,

    I've been there. Trust me. I've been there more often than i'd like to admit. In a way, I kind of feel as you do and like you, I've prayed about it and now im just waiting. And I'm waiting patiently. God knows what's best and I know God has something great in store for us. Hang in there, blog, and pray through it. (:


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