September 3, 2012


Loving: That Fall is almost here. As the frequency of heat waves decreases and the nights become cooler and more comfortable, I look forward to the overall shift in weather patterns, the changes in leaves, and what is to come during the Fall months.
Thinking about: putting my wedding day dreams to pen and paper. Pinterest is good and all, but I think it's time to start planning my own impending wedding. Every once in a while, I get a little urge to do it, and then never get around to it. I think it's time (especially since it may occur not too long from now).

Reading: 1) Genesis in the Bible. Since I have so much time on my hands, I am able to read at a slow and constant rate, and fully take in all of the written words. ; 2) The Hunger Games. I know. I know. I'm kind of late. I started reading earlier in the year, but put if off to focus on school and didn't get back to it until now.

Craving: Sweet sweet ice cream, A fluffy cupcake, or a gooey chocolate chip cookie. I'll take either or all, please! I've been eating pretty healthy and exercising intermittently for the last few months (and whatever I want on date nights with the Beau) and dropped back down to the weight I was before I started grad school. Huzzah!. Therefore, I haven't had sweets since around this time. Anyone willing to offer any of the sweet treats listed above, I would accept it with gladness.

Making me happy: the thought of being that much closer to closing on a house. That's right! Beau and I found a cute little house with just about everything we wanted.

Working on: patience.The Lord is working on my life and I've finally given up trying to do everything on my own and placed it all God's hands. Now, I wait... I wait for the job, the stress-free life, and the means of planning and executing a wedding. (Exodus 14:13)

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