September 9, 2012

Going Back

I am thinking of going back. Back to the way I used to write. Back to the deep-seated things that I used to share. Granted, I'm no best selling author, and I often question my diction, but I had a lot of personal things that needed to be expressed, and it was a relief to bare them all here where no one I knew would read and revel sympathize in my hurt.

Since friends and family members (and more subscribers than I ever imagined having) check in regularly, I shied away from sharing these things.  But, I feel as though it's time to share again. There are a lot of things that burden my heart lately. A lot of pain and hurt that I smile through. And I honestly believe that someone, somewhere may be facing similar adversities and would like the comfort of knowing that they are not alone in their tribulations, and that there is hope in making it through.

So, I'm going back.

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