September 29, 2012


Autumn arrived one week ago, and I am still a little indecisive on how I feel about it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this season and could not wait to have the stagnant Summer air move out with the crisp wind of Fall; but it is a little weird being at home during this time of the year.

My last Autumn spent in Philadelphia was the start of senior year of high school (2005). That seems like aeons ago! Being home actually brings back vivid memories of those days; something I am not too fond of. In any case, it's a beautiful season and I can't wait to experience Autumn in Philadelphia during my 'adult life'.

Last Sunday after church, beau and I went for a walk along Kelly Drive. It was beautiful. I could not believe the official start of Fall was the day before and the leaves had already begun to change color. The crisp weather seemed to have brought many people out: Families played by the Schuylkill, Bikers came out in clans, men fished, Geese swarmed around for the usual feedings, and dog-owners of all kinds were talking a stroll. It was a great atmosphere, as it always is...

.... and as per usual, the birds ran away when I came close to snap a pic. 

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