May 9, 2012

Long Island Ferry (Part I)

I am finished with the semester and my Masters program in general, and was left with an entire week before graduation with nothing to do. I decided to knock one more thing off of my CT bucket list: take the ferry across the Long Island Sound.

 The majority of the week promised to be rainy and miserable, so I opted to go on Monday when it was a lovely 67 degrees with tons of sunshine. First I wanted to take the 10:30 am ferry (that wasn't happening as I rarely get anywhere on time). Then I was aiming for the ferry at noon... that was also a failure since I had one errand to run before my adventure and I didn't leave to go until 11:30. Finally, I decided to get the 1:30 pm ferry, or I wasn't going to go at all.

I caught it and although I was a little wary of going by myself, there was really no one else to go with and I figured I would/could enjoy the experience alone. Once we left the Connecticut port, it was beautiful. The sun was shining, and everything was a beautiful shade of blue. I sat out on the deck and enjoyed the 'sea breeze'. It was a lovely, soothing trip. 

I am convinced water is my favorite element, because I really enjoy being surrounded by it. I snapped tons of photos as if I have never seen water before (as usual), and after a 1 hour, 15 minute ferry ride, we had arrived at Port Jefferson Long Island, NY.

(to be continued...)

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