May 1, 2012

Adoptive Mothers

It's amazing how much love can be poured out from people you've only known for a short while. Like last year Spring, the ladies of my church here in CT had a little get together for me. It was truly great to have them all there. After all, they were my first friends here. I moved to Connecticut for grad school and knew no one. I decided to attend their Tuesday night Bible study Fall 2010, and looked forward to Tuesday nights every. single. week. They helped to keep me grounded, loved and not so alone. I had friendly faces to say hello to me at church on Sunday mornings when I didn't have that anywhere else, and kind hearts to invite me for hot dogs afterwards. I received hugs, prayers and well wishes for the semesters and congratulations and words of advice on my big news. 

These ladies were my friends; adoptive mothers in a sense. I love them all and will miss them dearly when I move back home.

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