July 13, 2011


As a child, did your parents or caretakers introduce deterrents into your lives? These days, they have child safety locks on cabinets, outlet safety covers, and baby gates, among other things. The ONE deterrent I remember having as a child was scotch bonnet peppers. See, I was an avid thumb-sucker (I'm amazed at how straight my teeth are today). As a toddler, I sucked my thumb quite often and growing up in a strict household got that habit cut with a quickness! Their secret?... They rubbed scotch bonnet peppers (mainly used to spice Jamaican foods) on my thumbs. Whenever I attempted to put my thumb in my mouth, I immediately felt the burn. 

It worked, though. 

Sometimes I wish their were foolproof deterrents for adult life that would prevent us from going down a crooked path.

What about you? Do you remember any deterrents your parents used during your childhood?

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