July 24, 2011


1) "Shoespoon" is my new favorite word.

On May 20th (so long ago, I know), I won DSW's Free Shoes Friday (a weekly contest they have on twitter where they ask a question and the first ten to email the correct answer wins free shoes-- a gift card). After over a year of playing, I finally won! The question was something along the lines of "What is another name for a shoe horn?" hence the word "shoespoon". My wonderful giftcard was sent and I was faced with the task of which pair(s) of shoes I would purchase before the card expired at the end of June. I knew I wanted a pair of wedges, so that's what I went with... I wasn't really in love with them after they were shipped to my house and I tried them on, so I just returned them today. But here a few pics of what they looked like:

2) I was on some sort of giveaway winning streak or something...

...because I recently won another giveaway on Mariel's blog. A cute and simple heart-shaped necklace from Haina. I also received an added bonus with my giveaway gift-- a free bottle of their "beach" body lotion. I am quite happy with my prizes. :-)

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