July 27, 2011

Hard Life.

"Wow" is all I could say when she told us her story this morning. It made me think about how all the "hard times" I have faced during my childhood could never compare to what others have experienced, especially her.

Never have I been forced from my home country to live in another.
That happened willingly and blissfully.

Never did I have to care for my younger sister at only 6 years old.
I am the last-born... the youngest child.  

Never have I witnessed brutal violence at a young age.
I was always sheltered from such things.

Never had I not been exposed to everyday things such as cows, chickens, and the like.
We not only learned about them in school, but they were a part of our diet.

Never have I lived in a refugee camp in Asia for 8 years.
I couldn't even imagine...

Who really knows what a friend, acquaintance, or coworker has REALLY experienced until they open up to you. All you see is what is on the outside.

I count my blessings everyday, and even more when I hear stories like the one I heard this morning. Some people have really had a rough life.

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