September 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge

I am thinking of doing a 30-day blog challenge. This 30 day blog challenge allows you to post a blog for 30 consecutive days and each day you have a new topic to blog about. I have seen it and its progression on the blogs of a few people so far and I really want to partake.

I've done some research just to see what the variations are and where it originated. After that research segment, I've decided to stick to stay far away from these! The only answer I received in regards to the origination is from this ezine article stating that it started in 2008. I'm guessing though, that the idea sprung up to either bring more traffic to someone's blog, help them expand the contents of their blog or to increase the number of blog entries they have.

Well, me?.... I JUST WANT TO DO THIS FOR FUN! I also want to do this b/c I get bored sometimes and want to blog, but I have no clue what to blog about.

So, yea. I'll start this on October 1st (it'll be easier to keep track of the days that way). I'm going to research some more blog challenges to see which ones look the most interesting and I'll post my final decision the day before I start the challenge. I'm hex-cited!

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