May 9, 2010

Wedding Sunday

I fell in LOVE with Wedding Sunday on WE tv this semester. Every Sunday they feature wedding themed shows such as: Platinum Weddings, Girl Meets Gown, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera (my fave!), and Rich Bride Poor Bride. In a way, I'm secretly getting ideas for my future wedding (however far away that is), but I also just enjoy watching weddings because they are absolutely beautiful. I enjoy watching some shows more than others, mainly because some of them are overly extravvagant and the price tag seems unrealistic, but I guess I watch those shows for ha-has.

Right now, as I take a second study break, I'm watching Disney Dream Wedding: w/ David Tutera. I guess it's just a show that portrays the princess weddings women dreamt about since childhood and it's breathtaking. :-)

Ok, ok. Enough swooning. I think I'm good now.

Wait, now I'm watching the wedding ceremony. This couple looks like they are so in love. This is beautiful and like the wonderful googler that I am, I found pics of the wedding featured on this episode:

Eric & Courtney's Wedding

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