May 5, 2010

Beyond Her Smile

This is a quote by my sister, Opal:
"Dentro de mí hay una luz, ateniendo por anos de dolor; por los inviernos más fríos y las noches más oscuras, pero todavía esa luz ha logrado ser aun más brillante tras los años; y allí se queda, dentro de mí."

"Inside of me there is a light, holding many years of pain; by cold winters and dark nights, but still this light has managed to be brighter after years; and there remains inside of me"

In concordance with the title of my blog, Beyond My Smile, there are things that occur in our lives, that no one would ever know about because they were never able to derive it from the smile that we emit. Not many people know about my abusive past, and they probably would never know because of the smile that I put forward every single day. I am one of the most joyous persons you'll ever meet, even though I'm not always that happy because we all do experience intermittent hardships. This is the same for my sister. No one would know what she was going through because she doesn't show it. She's a tough cookie, and because I am 10 years her junior, it took me a while to understand what she was experiencing and exactly what she HAS experienced. She hasn't started coming to terms with her feeling and emotions until recently, and I think those emotions are displayed in her quote. I do hope that she is able to get beyond her pain so that there is nothing for her to hide behind her smile.

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