May 29, 2010


After graduation, I decided to take the week off to enjoy myself and to just relax after a hectic semester. I ended up having a second week off after emailing the Rev. to ask if I could start working the following week and only getting the response "Blessings on you Jhanzelle! Right now I am swamped with Annual Meeting. I will write next week." This second week off was not as enjoyable as the first so I decided to call the Rev yesterday to see what's up.

She answered in her usual cheery voice saying "Oh hunni, hi..." Then there were a lot of words and finally those awful words came out. "Listen hunni, they cut my budget this year. I could really use your help, but it seems as if I'll have to do things on my own from now on. I'm really sorry." Basically, I no longer have the summer job that I had for the past 3 Summers (and Winter breaks).

I worked at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Elkins Park as an assistant to the Rector from June 4, 2007 until January 21, 2010. Although it was quite boring and uneventful most of the time, it still had its perks and benefits. That job was good to me. From sophomore year until this very last semester of undergrad, I was able to buy my own books and have money left over to last throughout the semester without being a financial burden to my mother. Therefore, I am grateful for the years that I have worked there. I must admit, though, I am a little sad. It would have been great if I was notified earlier about the cut so I could get a move on with looking for another job, but I believe that things happen for a reason. God must have something bigger and better for me to do this summer.

As soon as I got off the phone with the Rev, I cried a little bit. (Yea, I had to let it out). Then about a minute and a half later (no lie), I rushed to to search for recommendations and the first thing I found a summer internship for a Microbiology Lab assistant. No, I haven't taken Micro, as I did not want to have to spend another semester with the professor who taught that course, but I sent in my resume and wrote a bangin' (<--- lol... I love being in Philly...sometimes) cover letter nonetheless. My attributes, work ethics, knowledge gained from undergrad, and faith should help me win this one, but if not, I'm not worried.

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