December 4, 2013

Weekend Getaway: Skytop Lodge

We spent a nice weekend away in the Pocono mountains for our one year anniversary. It felt good to get away and just be. Here a few photo highlights from our trip.

  SAM_2605 SAM_2494 SAM_2375 SAM_2383 SAM_2472
▲We stayed in a beautiful historic hotel. Literally half mile before we turned on to the property, it began snowing, and it stuck. It snowed on and off for the duration of the weekend with crazy wind gusts and windchills bringing temperatures down into the negatives. We braved the cold to get a look around the property and snap some photos. It was so worth it!▲

SAM_2513 SAM_2512 SAM_2336
▲ Every area of the property was decorated for the Christmas season. They had several trees spread throughout the lobby area, wreaths hanging on every single room door, and a full-size gingerbread house made of real gingerbread and candies. That place smelled divine. ▲SAM_2638 SAM_2652 SAM_2656 SAM_2679 SAM_2742
▲ Temperatures elevated above freezing the day we were set to leave, so we took a little hike out to Leavitt Falls. It was there where I discovered my fear of heights is really real and not just a figment-of-the-sitting-in-the-3rd-mezzanine-of-the-opera house imagination. I'm glad I sucked up my fear of high, rocky places however, because I would have missed seeing the falls which was literally around the corner from where I wanted to stop. ▲

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  1. Looks like such a great place! Happy Anniversary!


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