December 9, 2013

Wishlist 2013

Every year, since the start of this blog, I have created a wishlist and they're usually tangible items I want. This year consists of a hodgepodge of things. Here is my wishlist for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Wishlist 20131

1. I have been really into furniture a lot lately. Like, majorly. Mostly unconventional/vintage items that can be altered (i.e. painted, stained, etc) to give it a different look and feel. My first major task is to find an unconventional media stand for the living room. This Patchwork dresser from West Elm is perfect. It wouldn't need any paint or stains. The color scheme matches perfectly with what we have going on in our living room right now.

2. I am in dire need of a new every day handbag. This satchel by Fossil is a good size and a great color to go with just about any outfit.

3. The Curly Girl Handbook. As my hair grows longer, I am falling more and more in love with my natural hair texture-- A bit of curls and a lot of kinks. I would love to learn how to style it and allow it to do its own thing naturally without too much manipulation. This book (along with Youtube) is my key.

4. PUBLIC bicycle... or any other high performance bike. I would like to get out of the house more and engage in some kind of physical outdoorsy activity. I haven't been on a bike in ages, but I would love to start again.

5. Glass Jars. Sauces, seasonings, spices... We normally have a stash of these leftover mixes that require air tight containers to retain freshness. These jars are cute and would be extremely useful.

6. Chalkboard Paint. Yes! I've finally hitched a ride on the wagon. Beau and I would love to paint one of the smaller walls in our kitchen with this paint and use it for meal planning, shopping lists and love notes.

7. Wall(flower) Plug-ins. Funny story, I rediscovered a gift from my bridal shower this year and it included this wall plug-in. This thing smelled amazing, lasted long, and covered a wide surface area. I would love to stock up on some more. (The scent I received as a gift was Sensual: Jasmine Vanilla... It was lovely)

8. Take a Photography Class. Nature in and of itself just allows for beautiful photos. At least, that's what I have learned these past few years I turned into a photographing fiend. However, I would love to build my skill and learn techniques on how to get a beautiful photo in any situation. Of course, I may need a DSLR before I can get into a photography class, but this is definitely something that will be worthwhile... for me, anyway.


  1. Jhan, I'm feeling that handbag and the glass jars! Are you originally from Jamaica? I noticed you commented on a blog talking about being used to grills in Jamaica...just wondering! I'm from Jamaica and living here :). Nice blog!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I was born in Jamaica but I only lived there a short 7 yrs of my life. I definitely remember the grills though and when I visited a couple years ago, they were still in full effect. :-)


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