April 12, 2010


I got into graduate school! The ONLY one that I applied to... To God be the glory! He answered my prayers and allowed the admissions committee to look beyond my GPA and grades and see my real passion and dream for finding a cure or treatment option for cancer patients. The university that I got accepted to is Quinnipiac University. I will be pursing a Masters of Health Science in Biomedical Sciences focusing on immunology and cancer biology (Immunotherapy) with hopes of furthering my education to obtain a PhD. I also have interviews with Englewood Hospital's School of Radiology b/c that was my "back-up" plan for a couple years but my true desire is to do research. I will still be attending that interview though (next week) because I would like the see what it is like to actually be a radiologic technologist and I still want to leave my options open. Afterall, I didn't apply to radiology school for naught. I knew that I wanted to be able to help cancer patients and though I had my mind set on research, I was still relieved to know that there were other career options in which I could help them.

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