April 5, 2010

[Bad] Ducks vs. Ducts

Sitting in my abnormal Psych class today listening to a guest speaker and she told a funny story about a 6 year old whose parents brought her to one of her colleague's office for treatment. The problem with the 6 year old was that she used to sleep in her room, by herself with no problems at all. One day, she stopped doing that and refused to even stay in her bedroom and was just immensely terrified of what the parents were unaware of at the time. It turns out this was the root of her fear...
... One day, the little girl and her dad went to the lake to feed the ducks. Her dad told her not to get too close to them because they bite. She listened to what her father said, fed the ducks and then they went home. When she arrived home, she ran up to her room to tell her mom about her day but it turned out that her mother wasn't there, a repairman was. He began to explain that the reason why the cooling system in the daughter's room wasn't operating correctly was because the DUCTS were really bad . Remembering what her father had told her earlier, the little girl thought that the repairman was referring to bad DUCKS being in her room and from then on she was terrified of sleeping there. :-D

Even though I was the only one to lol at that joke, I really do think it was pretty cute. ;-)

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