April 4, 2016

I Guess This is Growing Up: Intro - Transitioning Into Adulthood

I Guess This Is Growing Up - Black and White (1)

In an effort to make sense of this thing called 'adulting', I have decided to dedicate a blog series to all the things growing up. 

The transition from high school to college was pretty easy. I had no real responsibility other than taking classes and getting good grades. I worked at a church as an administrative assistant when I was home during the summer and winter breaks for sophomore, junior and senior year. I also did some babysitting for a beautiful little German-American family throughout the school year. As I entered graduate school, I also had the ease of not needing to work, as my mother thought it was best to focus on my studies. She would deposit a little bit of money in my account once per week but that wasn't enough, so I did babysitting again and also landed a work study position at an AIDS organization in New Haven, CT. There wasn't much of a transition from undergrad to graduate school other than living on my own and having to prepare my own meals. I still had really late nights and pretty easy days.

In 2012, I completed grad school at the age of 24 and got married about 6 months later. After getting married, I was on  an everlasting mission to begin my career. This involved a lot of job hunting during the day --That was my full-time job. Since I had no real responsibility outside of the home, my late nights continued. This caused me to be stuck in a similar routine (and subsequently a similar mind-frame) to my college-aged years because I was not doing much during the day.  It wasn't until I began my part-time gig at the bank in 2013 that I started to realize that I had been stuck in that routine and needed to find my way out. But being part-time, my work days did not start until noon, so that meant I could continue to stay up late at night-- this time, job hunting instead of fluffing around doing nothing (but sometimes I did that too). As a year went by, and I began working more hours, and I got one year older, and then two... I realized the detriment of this habit even more and the need to cut it out. And this is where the growing up began. I started to realize other habits that I could no longer keep up with. My body trying to signal me to stop doing certain things because it wants- no needs- a change, and it's sending out blaring signals to initiate that change. That is the purpose of this series.

I will be sharing some of these changes that my adult self is trying to usher in and what that process looks like. Stick around.


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