September 28, 2015

Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon 2015

Beau and I went out last night to view the last of the tetrad blood moons occurring this year. Extreme cloud cover has prevented me from seeing one visible to our side of the world in the past. I am glad that although the clouds were pretty thick last night, a steady breeze allowed for intermittent breaks in the clouds. It was during this time that were able to see the moon and even snap some photos.


We headed out to an overlook at a local high school at around 10 o'clock last night. We were surprised to see other people camping out with upward gazes. By the time we arrived, the moon was about 3/4 of the way eclipsed. A huge cloud then blocked our view until the moon began turning red. I have to admit, it was a little hard trying to capture photos, as my camera refused to focus. However, I was able to develop a strategy. I would press my shutter button to focus on an apartment building in the distance, then bring that focus up to the moon and hold down on the shutter button for continuous shots. That caused a LOT of camera shake, but we were also able to get a couple clear photos from it (especially as Beau opted to act as my 'tripod' and steady my arms for each shot). Overall, a pretty cool experience, and sort of eerie... knowing from scripture what the implications of a blood moon are. Were you able to see the blood moon where you lived?



  1. You had an awesome view of the moon! It's so beautiful!

    1. Thank you! These photos came with much patience. It was a pretty overcast night, but it was also windy, so that allowed for quick cloud movement and some breaks in the cloud.

  2. You got great photos of the blood moon. It was so cloudy here in Houston and I didn't get a chance to see it

    1. Thank you. It was a great experience. It was cloudy here too, but there were a couple breaks in the clouds and that is how I got the shots. :-)


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