August 8, 2012

Mane Subject

Hair is such a popular subject of discussion among women because in many ways, it defines our personality and style. Styling is often determined by occasion, professional environment, or how we feel on any particular day: 
A sleek bun for an overall polished look, or a super hot summer day. 
Tossled waves for a more laid-back vibe. 
A short pixie cut with color or sharp angles for the edgy, individualistic look. 
A couple posts back, I mentioned a haircut and an overall change in the way I wear my hair. What did I do? I stopped chemically straightening my hair via relaxers, grew my hair out for two years, and cut off the chemically processed ends, revealing my true texture: tightly coily/curly hair.

My new look has sparked some negative comments from those around me. I cannot tell you how many times I've been asked if I am "dreading" my hair or if I am now a Rastafarian. I just snarkily respond "no" and think to myself 'Silly people! I spent 2 hours the night before combing all the knots and tangles out of my hair, and furthermore... I wouldn't be in church with you if I was now a Rasta'.

I have to admit, those comments were a little infuriating because people seem to feel obligated to have an opinion about everything you do, as if it is their life to govern. Additionally, it is as if our ethnicity1 has simply forgotten what our hair looks like sans processors or straighteners. Our natural hair is kinky. full of texture, and BIG!  

As a teen I begged my mom for a chemical relaxer until she caved on my 16th birthday. I loved my hair straight, but I also began to miss my coils and the overall fullness of my hair. 

Now that I have that hair back, I'm in love again. Going back to my natural curly hair texture was such a great decision for me; I get to try tons of different styles and learn my hair again.

1In this post, I am specifically speaking of Jamaican ethnicity because that is my nationality and it's people from this ethnicity who communicate their thoughts concerning my hair to me.

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